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Core to our success is the CT Server

CT Server Software transforms your call centre by providing an unmatched range of features, resulting in a greater return on investment. Both user friendly and competitively priced, it provides true inbound / outbound call blending, using Intel-dialogic systems compatible with Windows based technology.

With advanced inbound queue management, predictive dialling and multimedia capabilities, CT Server optimises your resource, enhances revenues, improves customer service, monitoring, and agent performance analysis.

All of the features you need in a computer telephony environment are encompassed within the powerful CT Server, the most common of which are outlined below.

Predictive Dialling
Or sequential Preview or Power Dialing increases agent productivity up to 400% over manual dialing by allowing agents to speak with live contacts virtually continuously.
Inbound/Outbound Call Blending
Passes both inbound and outbound calls to the next available agent practically eliminating periods of agent inactivity.
Advanced inbound queue management
(Business rules for routing of Inbound Calls using DNIS, ANI and DTMF) routes calls to agents most skilled at meeting a particular need, greatly increasing customer satisfaction.
Call Recording, Monitoring, Coaching, Conferencing and Text Messaging
Lets you know what's happening in real time and records and archives efficiently for future use and training.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Integration (Inbound and Outbound) lets contacts navigate easily to find the exact information they need.
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
Maintains inbound queues after Intelligent Routing has directed the calls to the right group of agents.
Campaign Management
Means you can run several outbound and/or inbound campaigns together to maximize the strengths of your agents and optimize your line usage.
Flexible Reporting
Provides real-time reports by agent and/or campaign using industry standard Crystal Reports so you can make adjustments and enhancements as you go.
Real time Monitoring
Real time Monitoring and Call Centre Management control the activities of the agents. For example, the Supervisor Station enables/disables lists and campaigns, controls dialer pacing, provides daily statistics and produces real-time reports. Supervisors have control over campaign configuration as well as complete campaign management, agent monitoring, coaching and recording.

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